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New Zealand's only Master Wine Sommelier to attend the inaugural Central Otago 'Down to Earth' wine celebration

New Zealand's first and only Master Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers will attend the inaugural Down to Earth celebration of wine in Central Otago. Rebecca Fox asks Cameron Douglas for his advice on wine and food pairing. 

Get Cameron Douglas talking about wine and food and he can go on forever.

There were all sorts of different drinkers, including some that just wanted an alcoholic beverage to go with their food, he said.

''But for people who are looking to go on adventure then they should take heed of well-practised combinations.''

The basic principles of wine and food pairing always apply: look at the plate and assess the weight, acidity and intensity of the food before matching it with the wine, he said.

''You can't have a heavy piece of steak and expect a white wine to go with it. If you have light, crisp, fresh crunchy food that is your guide to wine; a light, fresh crisp crunchy wine.''

The aim is to minimise the competition on the palate between the food and wine.